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if you are so sure of the true site of solomon's temple, why don't you start buying the land at that site and start building the 3rd temple?
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We are a Dual Seedline Christian Identity ministry. We follow in the footsteps of Christ YahShua when He proclaimed " I am not come but for the lost sheep of the House of Israel. These lost sheep can be found in the Anglo/Saxon/Celtic/Germanic/Nordic and related kindred of NW European descent.
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Jesus is the Sabbath.  A New Testament Church has 7 Sabbaths a week.
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Apart from "flee to the mountains" being our Lord's salvation BEFORE the great tribulation, the Churches rather invented the unprophesied pre tribulation.
You see the Church leaders are the false Christs and want their flock to stay enslaved in Babylon so they can keep stealing God's tith.
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now from the archives in rome they have told me joseph of arimathea had a daughter named anna,who was born in cornwall england in bc 21 died ad 60 aged 81 at the isles of ely anna the great of the druid of celtic britain also was joachin or heli the first for rome to hold the nobilis decurio as it states herod had heli murdered and gave the nobilis decurio to a joseph of arimathea .please all information on this article please,heli joachim and anna were the virgin mary father and mother joachim died before mary was born ,or murdered  if you can help this is what i have found out
                                                          JOSEPH OF ARIMATHEA
                                                          MARRIED ALYUBA
                                           PRINCE JOSEPHES       ENYGEUS ANNA,she went to britain married
                                                                                                 a cornish man
                                                                                            had a daughter penardin
                                                                                            married british king lear
                                                                                            had two children
                                                                              king bran bran the blessed     branwen

                                                                           king bran had two children
                                                                           caractacus and  gladys later called claudia
                                                                                                                 gladys british princess
                                                                                                                      adopted  by
                                                                                                                 emperor claudius
                                                                                                                 and married
                                                                                                                rufus puden
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 The messiah is here. See at  facebook  (tetoeom) steen steensen
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what does this really mean  ?
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When 27 years since our beginning has passed, through being spiritually drawn, and never becoming a church member or part of any religious organization. . . It's because we have been called out of this world through disassociation.

So what does that mean? Our life is not ours, but rather belongs to our potter to shape, mold, and use as He pleases.

Ten years ago I departed the USA on a one way ticket to the Philippines with little funds, and zero income; and ever since the start of 2007, I have created 16 free websites, written approximately one thousand blogs, wrote and had published a 474 page book 'Message For This Entire Human Race' in 2012, and have lived a life of poverty with my wife ever since Yehovah drew us together in January 2007.

Hope of Israel shares much for spiritual knowledge; however, just as all Christian websites, teaches absolutely nothing on the most important subject in the Bible being love for others, deed, compassion, care, and obedience to all Yehovah instructs.

Even with a history spiritually speaking, my wife and I struggle day to day, and still have never even had a stove. Our wireless Internet is free from a nearby router, and in truth, we have lived with to many problems to even list -- because Christians have well proven that they really don't care about anyone or anything other than themselves.

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I am glad to read you believe as Yahveh has revealed to me that Yeshua died as our sin burnt offering on the Mount of Olives near the red Heifer altar. I have friends that still think He died above where Abraham went to sacrifice Yitzhak, which probably is the same area. However, they said is not on the Mount of Olives and Mount Moraih is where the Temple mount is because (I forget his name) found the arc of the covenant under the spot and Yeshua's blood dribble down to the arc during the ensuing earthquake. My understanding is that there is confusion about the exact location of Mount Moriah. I suspect is the same spot and whatever blood they claim to have found with a different number of genes and all these stories about people dying that came near the arc except this fellow are bogus. Any thought on that?
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