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I am glad to read you believe as Yahveh has revealed to me that Yeshua died as our sin burnt offering on the Mount of Olives near the red Heifer altar. I have friends that still think He died above where Abraham went to sacrifice Yitzhak, which probably is the same area. However, they said is not on the Mount of Olives and Mount Moraih is where the Temple mount is because (I forget his name) found the arc of the covenant under the spot and Yeshua's blood dribble down to the arc during the ensuing earthquake. My understanding is that there is confusion about the exact location of Mount Moriah. I suspect is the same spot and whatever blood they claim to have found with a different number of genes and all these stories about people dying that came near the arc except this fellow are bogus. Any thought on that?
SouthernGrit by SouthernGrit @
I can't tell you how many times I've searched the internet TRYING to ATTEMPT to FIND SOMEONE, ANYONE, LIKE US!! OH Praise Yehueh!! I can't believe I found you all! I'm so very grateful!! Tears are literally filling my eyes. We've felt so alone for so long...
We're in the Appalachian Mountains looking for fellowship with like minded Believers!

Anyone around us??
Mr Dobeldino by Mr Dobeldino @
I was very pleased to find out that Hope of Israel believes the same as I do, instead of most churches who believe that 'twilight' means the beginning of the 14th, just after sunset.

The truth is that twilight is from the 9th hour to the 12th hour (3pm to 6pm), BEFORE sunset.

This made it possible for Christ to keep the NEW Covenant Passover just after sunset at the beginning of the 14th, and still be able to die on the cross at the 9th hour of Passover Day, which perfectly confirmed that He was truly the prophesied Passover Lamb.

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I tried to send an E-mail, but your server said the address is not good.

What is an E-mail address I can use?

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I read the article and it is almost right.  Messiah is that singular grain as stated in John 12:23-25 and then as 1Cor 15:20-23 states Messiah the firstFRUIT, and then they FirstFRUITS that are HIS at HIS coming, which we all agree is yet in front of us on HIS timeline or workings.  The timeline of events in HIS plan of Lev 23 is awesome to look at!!!
Eddie Wane by Eddie Wane @
Why Malaita island,whats so special about those island people that Israel Government have to choose them.Is there any link of the lost tribes of Israel on the Island?.
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If this is so true about the Sabbath, and we should be keeping the lunar Sabbath hell the liars!!!!  So people money and tithes has been going to the wrong place, everything believed about the Saturday Sabbath, again , I say hell with lairs.   This is so profane what they have done.  May Father almighty do something about this.  I ripe my clothes in half and pour ashes on myself for all the lies.
bill by bill @
since it has been clearly determined where the temple was,  why don't we rebuild it?
thank you
Tory by Tory @
I am wondering why your information about Gods Name /HaShem JHVH or YHVH
Has so  many references to Jehovahs witnesses publication ? Their research tool
Insight on the scriptures ....? This seams to indicate their teaching are a good  source for us to go to ?
I've been looking on JW.Org for some time now, and when the Jehovahs witnesses come by to see me they always use the bible to teach me, one thing they showed me is at Rev 1:1
A revelation by YHVH TO JESUS , JESUS TO THE ANGEL; THE ANGEL TO THE  apostle John; John would then show  US the things that would surely take place ... "
In this list of how GOD THE FATHER would reveal the things that would happen in our day...  
& Joseph Smith was not listed  as GODS FUTURE spokesmen  !!!
actually no other human was indicated to lead  Gods Children through the darkness in the time of the end???
Only Jesus was indicated, this makes more sense as he is the  Messiah  Or  anointed one .
And another thing when the Mormons come to my place they said that YHVH / JHVH is Jesus of the new  testament. But this is not what I have read under your description of the name of God. Jesus name means YEHOVAH IS SALVATION ... Very confusing I must say.
And most elders don't even know what the  Tetragrammaton  is let alone what it means , shouldn't they know...and use it in their sermons and when they come by to teach at our homes?
They are those sent out to teach Gods lost sheep...
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One what day and at what time did Yeshua arise from the dead?
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