Truth in scripture not followed

Posted by Jeff Callarman Jeff Callarman
When 27 years since our beginning has passed, through being spiritually drawn, and never becoming a church member or part of any religious organization. . . It's because we have been called out of this world through disassociation.

So what does that mean? Our life is not ours, but rather belongs to our potter to shape, mold, and use as He pleases.

Ten years ago I departed the USA on a one way ticket to the Philippines with little funds, and zero income; and ever since the start of 2007, I have created 16 free websites, written approximately one thousand blogs, wrote and had published a 474 page book 'Message For This Entire Human Race' in 2012, and have lived a life of poverty with my wife ever since Yehovah drew us together in January 2007.

Hope of Israel shares much for spiritual knowledge; however, just as all Christian websites, teaches absolutely nothing on the most important subject in the Bible being love for others, deed, compassion, care, and obedience to all Yehovah instructs.

Even with a history spiritually speaking, my wife and I struggle day to day, and still have never even had a stove. Our wireless Internet is free from a nearby router, and in truth, we have lived with to many problems to even list -- because Christians have well proven that they really don't care about anyone or anything other than themselves.

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Re: Truth in scripture not followed

More about who I am, my purpose, and efforts;  Myself  My Wife  contains writings on faith, truth, obedience, end times  My Efforts for Spiritual Knowledge offers a good choice being many [over 235] individual reads on various subjects concerning the major mess America and our entire world civilization is truly in; and includes worldwide misled Christianity according to the Bible which has left billions not spiritually prepared for what is soon to become the worst timesoftrouble ever on this planet. - accurate bad news so true people cannot believe.  - continual news reports which reveal just how deranged our human race has become.