solomon's temple

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if you are so sure of the true site of solomon's temple, why don't you start buying the land at that site and start building the 3rd temple?

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Re: solomon's temple

HI - Hope Of Israel Ministries,
I copied "your long Esau file," and had to deal with a lot of grammar problems -but got all that fixed

I wholesale agree with The Text and The Research

Someone did a lot of work and I wish I could tell 'em thanks

I have one "why didn't you,"

My opinion is that a paragraph should have-been dedicated to-how the word "Jewish," came to fruition in the early King's English, as a label, to be stuck on The Tribe of Judah in-that no Jewish DNA Race has ever existed as - no such thing as "the first Jew," has ever existed.  Less than 2% of The American Version of Christianity, know this!

I have a segment of this file, close to the end of it and - it is clear that there are some missing words, in this paragraph - I need to send it in and recover your missing words

Thanks for such a learning tool as this essay is

Ron Stauffer

Laurel Ms

PS - I am familiar with the USA in Azusa and Azusa Street

Take Care